Management Advisory

We provide a range of Consulting and advisory services categorized under the following broad heads:
A. Regulatory and Startup
B. Performance Appraisal System
C. Growth Consulting
D. Internal control
A. Regulatory and Startup
Our corporate secretarial cell provides services covering the regulatory aspects pertaining to Company law, FEMA and RBI namely
Incorporation of a company in India which includes obtaining name approval, drafting of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, filing of the incorporation forms and coordinating with the authorities for approval etc
Advice and support in complying with the requirements of Company law in holding share holders general body meeting, meeting of board of directors and passing of various resolutions (ordinary and special) etc..
Annual statutory compliances and event based compliances related with Registrar of Companies and Company Law Board including certification and compliance services.
Assistance and advice on the approvals required under, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Regulations for a foreign entity/NRI intending to invest in India. This includes preparation and obtaining of necessary approvals from Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) / RBI where necessary.
Need based due diligence/Litigation documentation and support
Statutory Registrations like PAN/TAN, VAT/Service tax, IE code, Central excise/Customs, PF/ESI and others registrations as may be applicable.
B. Performance Appraisal System
In simple terms this is a system of assessing the performance against a set of predetermined goals at different levels of the organization leading to the performance appraisal of the Organization itself. This is now a legal requirement as well, since the CAR 2011 requires the cost auditor to appraise the performance of the company under various parameters which include, Productivity analysis, Capacity utilization, Market/product profitability analysis, Contribution analysis, Manpower among others, and submit a Performance appraisal report (PAR) to the management. (This is not required to be filed with the MCA or any other government agency).

With its highly experienced team having exposure to costing, Finance and HR domains GHSA can consult with companies in, setting the performance parameters/measurements which will include both financial and non-financial expectations; developing strategies to linking the individual objectives with that of the organization; effectively communicating the performance standards to the divisions, employees, and Companywide.

The logical outcome of a performance appraisal system is a structured and transparent rewards/incentive scheme. We shall enable the company to identify and implement the most relevant or a combination of relevant performance parameters on which the rewards should be based. This will definitely go a long way in determining the acceptability of the performance appraisal system

C. Growth Consulting
Successful Companies generally plan in advance with respect to aspects associated with their next wave of growth. Such planning will require an open mind free from predispositions of the past, to think dispassionately and objectively for the future. An external consultant is ideally suited for such an exercise. GHSA can be a trusted partner in such an exercise and provide the below mentioned growth related services
Business Plan preparation
Feasibility studies
Resource audit
Due diligence for growth funding
Specific Studies for Cost Ascertainment, Cost Management and Price Determination, Fees Fixation etc.
D. Internal control systems
Entities failing to recognize the risks they face, from external or internal sources and assess them and to manage them effectively can destroy value in absolute or relative terms, for shareholders and other stakeholders, including the community and society at large. A strong system of internal control is imperative to effective enterprise risk management.

GHSA advocates a risk based approach to design and implementation of internal control and allied system. We work closely with the managements of the respective entities and enable them to; Align risk appetite and strategy, establish the entity’s risk culture (tolerance) and carry our Risk assessment, enhance risk response decisions from alternatives (Risk avoidance, reduction, sharing, and acceptance), effectively Communicate the risk results and Monitor risk at different levels, through our portfolio of Internal control and allied services, namely

Internal control Systems
Management Information system
Enterprise Risk Management
Accounting Systems